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Baby Godwin’s Legacy Continues

It has been two months since we lost Baby Godwin. Even while we grieve, Romano and I continue to lay plans for the Faith, Hope, and Love hospital, in special memory of Baby Godwin. This week, Romano sent me an email which contained this line:   “Dear Kimberly, As a picture of Godwin lingers in our…

Returning to Sudan and South Sudan—with Letters and More

By the grace of God, on Thursday I will make my way first to Nuba, Sudan and then onto South Sudan. All of you who sponsor our beautiful children will be happy to know I will be hand-carrying your letters of love! I am the only state-side staff member going this time, however, so please be…

Lorika Update

Thank you for the prayers for Lorika and Romano’s safe journey to Juba. They made it, and our nurse was correct; Lorika’s leg is badly broken. Our Land Cruiser will be his ambulance back to Hope for South Sudan today—so trusting in the God who hears all prayers once again for safe travel and complete healing. Also,…

Not Just another Day on the Playground for Lorika

In South Sudan, just another day on the playground can turn deadly with one childish tussle. Lorika and his little friends at Hope for South Sudan got up as usual this morning.  They fetched their water from the well, scrubbed their tiny little faces, picked a stick from a tree and peeled it’s bark to clean their…

Trucks Arrive in Nuba and A Good Question from a Friend

I first met Ryan Boyette, the author of this compelling article, several years ago high in the mountains of Nuba, Sudan. In the below Nuba Reports, Ryan asks a couple of powerful questions. Basically, he asks, “Why do we watch horrors?” and “Why do we tell?” In the video embedded found in his article, we…

Romano and Susan’s Loss

Many years ago, when Milton and I first took a stand for “other children”—those who were not our own by birth—Evil was not happy with us. Evil grew violently personal and threatened our daughters, and then our very lives. Evil continues to pursue us in increasingly more intimate ways. Milton taught me long ago that…

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