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With Children in Foxholes

In America, I mocked politicians who plundered for votes by shaking hands and plopping kisses on baby’s plump cheeks. Who do they think they’re fooling? Now, after more than a decade of working in Sudan and South Sudan, I’d take those friendly baby-kissing politicians in a heartbeat. In a region where armed forces drop bombs…

CBN interviews Kimberly on Nuba, Sudan

I am very thankful to Christian Broadcasting Network for helping Make Way Partners to get the word out about the genocide and persecution in Nuba, Sudan. To follow is a link to an interview I did with Gary Lang of CBN in D.C. yesterday. Please share, as always, educating and mobilizing—making way for the coming…

Alamisar letter

The Face on the Milk Carton, without the Milk or the Carton

I noticed the same small scrap of a girl three days running as she hung close to the shelter where I recorded child-sponsorship information for the hundreds of orphans at Our Father’s Cleft. Edges of dirty orange paper always poked from the fringe of her tiny fingers. I sized her up to be about four, but…

Francis and Orphan-Supply Trucks Attacked

As I left Nuba Mountains, Sudan Francis left Nairobi, Kenya leading two large trucks full of tons of supplies for headed for Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba. Early this morning, as our guys drove through South Sudan, a heavily armed gang attacked them, beat them and robbed them of their personal food, funds, phones, all…

Just We Hens

It had been a long and brutally hot day in Nuba. As usual, on the way to my evening bucket-bath, I stopped in the tukel where five orphan girls sleep on our staff compound. All five were sprawled across twine-strung beds, chatting and giggling as innocent girls often do. The chickens roosting under their twine…

Playing Dead

Recently, I received the below letter from one of our orphans who I have loved since he was eight or nine years old. He is now eighteen or nineteen. Please read it with your heart hanging heavy with the ripe fruit of grace.   Dear Kimberly Smith, It’s been ten years now or so since I…

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