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Picture of Redemption by Guest Blogger Indira Sandoval

By Guest Blogger Indira Sandoval, MWP Child Sponsor Make Way Partners has meant so very much to my family and I through out the years.  Ever since I heard Kimberly on Focus on the Family 5 years ago I fell head over heels for MWP.  I love the mission of reaching the most vulnerable in our world today:…

A Rain of Bombs in the Nuba Mountains

In today’s media environment–which is fed by our society’s short-attention span–genuine atrocities often receive nothing more than a 140-character blip posted next to a picture of what our friends had for lunch. Most of us pay more attention to the el menu del dia than life and death crises such as the long-running genocide against the Sudanese. All the…

Prayers for Baby Jane

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because it is the day that each of our indigenous leaders calls me with a weekly update on our orphans. I just hung up the phone with Romano. Life at Hope for South Sudan (HFSS) couldn’t be much better! Thanks to some very generous giving, we recently purchased…

Life Transforming Compassion

During my recent visit to the heart of the war in Nuba Mountains of Sudan, I visited Gidel hospital, the only fully operational hospital in our region serving soldiers, laboring mothers running from bombs, and amputee orphans (like our own little Rabi) side-by-side. Dr. Tom Catena, the founder and head of the hospital, and I…

Bombs Falling Near Our Father’s Cleft

While I was in Nuba Mountains, Sudan, in March the governor gave me permission to supply our team on the ground with satellite phones, as long as they were U.S. based versus the kind normally used in Africa that the Arabs also use for tracking. Still, Ayoub, MWP indigenous leader of Our Father’s Cleft, rarely turns…

Our Call to the Wild

I’ve been camping out in the wild of South Dakota, learning more about PTSD and deep spiritual healing from my spiritual director, 82-year-old Brave Heart. Even as I’m learning and healing myself, I’m already excited about how Make Way Partners will apply this healing to our traumatized staff and orphans through our up and coming…

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