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The Blaze Features MWP Op-ed!

      The Blaze has featured another MWP op-ed. Please click onto their website to read it, as the more clicks they receive on our articles, the more prominent position they will give future pieces. Then make sure you share it on Twitter and Facebook! All this helps us to get the word out,…

The Beauty of Being Old through the Eyes of the Young

From South Sudan: After our big celebration, opening our latest home for 80 new orphans at Hope For South Sudan (HFSS), Romano and I pulled a couple of plastic chairs over to a shade tree to talk about “What’s next?” The governor, UN representatives, and all the dignitaries had left.  Happy to be set free…

Batul for blog

The Knopp Family Leaving Tracks

From Guest Bloggers: The Knopp Family From time-to-time some of your stories—from our partners—are so inspiring, that I just can’t keep them to myself. Here is one from a beautiful young family, committed to live a life that matters.   “Several years ago a dear friend of mine recommended I read Passport through Darkness.  After…

What Will Your Sentence Be?

Our life on this earth is like a sentence.  Some lives are clipped, truncated sentences that feel wantonness for many more words.  Others are likened to elongated run-on sentences, drawling out as multi-syllabic as a Southerner’s twang.  Sadly, many others are stuffed with safe, shallow, colorless words so boring that we may find ourselves questioning…

Convert or Die

Christian persecution is often not a topic media readily engages. So, I’m really excited that today The Blaze ran an op-ed I wrote on the ever-growing worldwide persecution of Christians in Iraq, Sudan, and beyond. You can help these saints by reading and sharing their stories far and wide. Media will publish the stories that…

Grasshopper Salad

It took me a moment, but when my eyes focused in on what Loguli was doing, I sat in stunned amazement. This little one was tenderly feeding the grasshopper a fresh salad. We didn’t need a shared language for me to understand his unique compassion for the ‘least of these’… http://www.makewaypartners.org/sponsor-a-child/ Love, your sister along…

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