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Hometown Heroes by guest blogger Amber Smith

Guest Blogger Amber Smith, Child Sponsorship Coordinator Recently, a passionate teacher wrote me, “I am a 7th grade school teacher from Tampa, Florida, USA. My students are reading the book A Long Walk To Water in class. The upcoming national holiday, Valentine’s Day is approaching and I would like to know if my students can…

More Government Hype than Reality

My following op-ed was first published by Patheos.com February 4, 2016. “Evidence suggests that this optimism owes more to government hype than reality.” This statement could easily be from any mainstream media source accurately covering U.S. politics or our current electoral posturing. In this case, however, it happens to be from a report on the government…

Passport through Darkness in CHINESE!

In 2012, one of our partners called me with her own far-fetched dream—to have Passport through Darkness printed in Chinese! Cindy Kuo is a child sponsor and felt a rising passion grow in her as her family grew in love for the children they sponsored in the war-zone of the Nuba Mountains.  She wanted to do more…

Inspiration for Today

So, the hope this one child so bravely and brilliantly shares, sums up the too many words I often find myself using to try to explain why Make Way Partners does what it does! Enjoy the glory of Eunice!  Click Here   Love, your sister along the journey, k

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Secret

Martin Luther King, Jr’s take on the Good Samaritan: “But I’m going to tell you what my imagination tells me. It’s possible that those men were afraid. You see, the Jericho road is a dangerous road. I remember when Mrs. King and I were first in Jerusalem. We rented a car and drove from Jerusalem…

What Can the Average Jane or Joe do?

In this months podcast with host Kenneth Mitchell on Mission Radio we explore the causes of war and genocide in Sudan and South Sudan as well as what each of us can do to stop the cycle of violence. Join me in writing the future and finding a life that matters, Click Here.   Love, your sister along…

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