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If you’ve ever attended one of my Our Father’s Dream retreats, you know I love to watch movies—especially ones with powerful stories. Recently, I re-watched the story of William Wilberforce, Amazing Grace. Wilberforce is most widely known as the human power-force behind ending the transatlantic slave trade in Great Britain. What most people do not…

The Blaze Covers Make Way Partners

Recently while in New York, Billy Hallowell of The Blaze interviewed me. He really went all out with his article. …this is the one time that you do want to be the ugly American, no matter what you don’t leave, you refuse to look away because it will only be from external pressure that, and…

Free eCopy of Passport through Darkness!

We are literally jumping for joy!  Our fantastic publisher David C. Cook is spreading the joy at the beginning of the holiday season by offering a FREE eCopy of Passport through Darkness TODAY through Sunday.  So, if you already have a hard copy, enjoy a FREE e-copy — for your Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, computer, or…

What Potluck Can Teach Us About Christ

Thanks to Crosswalk.com for publishing my early Thanksgiving op-ed! The Tlingit Native Americans, indigenous to Alaska, practice a giving tradition known as “potlatch” in their native tongue. Potlatch means “to give,” and it is where our word “pot luck,” as in pot-luck dinners, comes from… Click here to read the full op-ed at CrossWalk.com.   Love,…


Recording of Pastor Romano’s Sermon at Christ Church United Methodist

As I am sure you expected, Pastor Romano did a beautiful job of honoring the Lord and representing his people to the Church yesterday. I say the “Church” with a capital “C” as not only did Christ Church receive him with open love, but also the wider Church with people coming from far and wide to…

Make Your Dollars DOUBLE!

  A wonderful couple heard about Romano’s tractor and agreed to give up to $5,000 in matching funds to anyone who donates from today forward! Great way to double your life-saving donation dollars! And help our orphans at Hope For South Sudan become more food sustainable! Love, your sister along the tractor-plowing journey, k m4s0n501

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