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Serving in Warzones

God has been so very kind these last ten years, allowing us to participate in the rescue and healing of so many lives in [North] and South Sudan. With the recent international attention of the crises in both countries, Make Way Partners is being increasingly called upon to speak from an authoritative, boots-on-the-ground voice in…

MWP in Christian Post: Americans, Who Are We?

       Christian Post Op-Ed, Kimberly L. Smith Click Here for full CP Op-Ed: America: Who Are We? A Nation of Kings or Fellow Pilgrims in the World? Editors’ Note: Recently, Jeremiah Heaton, a man from Virginia, claimed an 800-square-mile area of unclaimed land between Sudan and Egypt as his own kingdom. He did so because his…

Plant Trees by guest blogger Audrey Moore

 By Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to Kimberly L Smith After six decades of genocide, government-sanctioned rape, and slavery, South Sudan finally landed their hard-won independence, seceding from its Islamic, northern oppressors. Sadly, the change in national identity did not bring about the long hoped-for change for the people. Tribalism had been used against…

MWP in the News

Early this morning we sent a link where you could watch Kimberly at 10:30 CST on Huff Post Live. If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch it here: MWP on Huff Post Live . In the interview, Kimberly mentions the story of one of our orphans-turned-dentist. Click here to read his story: NLM…

Hear Kimberly Live on Huffington Post Today

Today, Huffington Post Live will interview me live in New York on human trafficking, the situation in [North] and South Sudan, and the incredible journey with Make Way Partners. Tune in at 11:30 ET/10:30 CT — http://live.huffingtonpost.com  #WorldBrief If you miss the live interview this morning, the video will be available tomorrow on my facebook page…

News From James Lual Atak at New Life Ministry

Shortly after sending out the blog this morning about the fighting around New Life Ministry, Fighting with Mass Killings Erupts Around New Life Ministry, Lual Atak was finally able to get a call through to me. He and all 750 of our orphans, along with his staff, are safe at the moment. Although there is…

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