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Proper Chat

 Proper Chat on Understanding the Big Picture of [North] Sudan and South Sudan In Sudan, when there’s been some sort of misunderstanding or the air just has to be cleared, they say it’s time to have a Proper Chat. I’ve long wished the media would have a Proper Chat— educating the world—about the complex crisis…

Moody Radio Interview with Kimberly

No matter how well a guest knows her material, an interview can only be as good as the interviewer—and Judy Kron and Dr. John Fuder did an excellent job! They asked all the right questions, and allowed me plenty of time to address human trafficking, the Nuba Mountains, complexities of [North] and South Sudan, the unadoptable…

Listen LIVE @ 10:05 CST!

This morning at 10:05am CST, listen live as I share on Moody Radio using thier live streaming link:  http://www.moodyradio.org/radioplayer.aspx?station=wmbi If you’ve ever wondered about Make Way Partners ministry in Sudan and even asked similar questions to: -  There are a lot of problems in the world; what makes the Nuba Mountains of Sudan so special…

Into the Messiness

Into the Messiness by guest blogger Adam Nash

By the time the last day of week seven in Sudan arrived, I had had enough. Our child sponsorship work was finished, the staff was trained, and the children’s letters were delivered. As I ate my hundredth power bar, my mouth watered over thoughts of how great the first meal I would eat back home…

nuba girls for blog

The Foolish Journey of Hope!

Kingdom work calls upon each of us to follow Frederick Buechner’s writing, “Lean deeply into the darkness that by foolry or by hunger you might be the first to see Hope coming… Well, I am absolutely, breathtakingly honored to report that Francis and his crazy, truck-driving, supply-delivering, renowned-men-of-God have beat us to the punch of seeing…

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