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HFSS under fire

Our Orphanage Under Fire

Just moments ago, I got a call with heavy artillery and the clash of war clouding the words of my caller. What I am clear on is, “The soldiers are just outside our Hope for South Sudan compound. They are fighting fiercely and threatening to break through our fence at any moment.” It seems as though…

MWP Indigenous Leaders

Crisis at Hope for South Sudan

“We’ve put our 250 orphans to bed hungry tonight, without any dinner; we’ll break their fast in the morning with prayer.” I could hear the strain in Romano’s voice as he fought valiantly, yet wearily against one more round of despair. That was the first of many long, painful, prayerful phone calls back and forth…

2 yr old Rescued at HFSS

Two Year Old Boy Left Alone Among the Dead

As they listened to the screams, clashing of weapons, and bullets flying from just a few miles down the road, our children at Hope for South Sudan huddled in their classrooms. The terrible ambush left many dead, including a young mother gunned down while holding her two-year-old little boy. The mother died on the road;…

The Semicolon God

As I struggled to find the perfect words to write about a complicated situation, my right ring finger landed on the semicolon key. As the curser blinked at me, I pondered the significance of a semicolon. Different from a period, it denotes that the work of a particular thought or sentence is not finished. When…

Prayers for Students 2016

This November, 90 of our children need your specific intercession as they are taking their national exams. Our schools follow the Kenyan/British school system which runs from January to December. For the 8th grade students, these exams cover everything they’ve learned throughout their primary education (1st – 8th grade) and will determine who is academically prepared…

The Reappearance of Sunday

 “You also must help us by prayer…for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” I Corinthians 1:11 Recently, I wrote to you about the disappearance of Sunday. Through the powerful indigenously-led network of Make Way Partners (MWP), we medevaced Sunday out of South Sudan, to a neighboring country where MWP has a Safe House….

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