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Happy Thanksgiving from Make Way Partners

The Tlingit Native Americans, indigenous to Alaska, practices a giving tradition known as “potlatch” in their native tongue  Potlatch means “to give”, and it is where our word “pot luck” as in pot-luck dinners comes from. Tlingits believe—and practice—that to give is the greatest honor in life.  Therefore, they work really hard to out-give each…

Fighting Erupts Near Hope For South Sudan

I just received a call from Romano, indigenous director of Hope For South Sudan, requesting for urgent prayer.  A new rebel leader has armed a.large number of militia and have attacked Nimule. Nimule is only about 100 miles from HFSS. Romano is concerned this can spread to our community rapidly. While we are giving thanksgiving…

3 Simple Ways to Give the Gift of Freedom this Christmas!

 3 Easy Ways to Spread Christmas Joy: Give to those close to you while saving the least of these!    #1: Shop at Amazon, and select Make Way Partners as your favorite charity.  When you sign up on Amazon Smile, choose MWP to receive 0.5% donation cashback on all your purchases.      Click here…

Thanksgiving from our Nurse in Nuba Mountains

As I hit the “send” button on a recent blog about how William Wilberforce strove to make the world a better place, I received a bittersweet email from Kanjas, our nurse serving at Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba Mountains, Sudan. There are no roads or bridges in Nuba. No electricity, and no running water. There are only a…

Seize the Day. Change the World

If you’ve ever attended one of my Our Father’s Dream retreats, you know I love to watch movies—especially ones with powerful stories. Recently, I re-watched the story of William Wilberforce, Amazing Grace. Wilberforce is most widely known as the human power-force behind ending the transatlantic slave trade in Great Britain. What most people do not…

The Blaze Covers Make Way Partners

Recently while in New York, Billy Hallowell of The Blaze interviewed me. He really went all out with his article. …this is the one time that you do want to be the ugly American, no matter what you don’t leave, you refuse to look away because it will only be from external pressure that, and…

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