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Replay Proper Chat: Food, Fun & Life — Your Sponsored Child!

Our sponsorship team had some great interaction and questions about the life of our precious children in Sudan and South Sudan.  Click here to step in to the day and the life of the orphans under our proection and replay last week’s Proper Chat!   Have you or your children wanted to know about what the day in…

Washington Times Covers Make Way Partners

This week, the Washington Times, shared with their readership and the world the work of MWP in rescuing victims.  Please read and keep sharing the story! I am so thankful for the winds of change that are fanning into flame so many responses to our story of the rape camps in South Sudan.  More and more…

Sign-up NOW for Tuesday’s Proper Chat – LIVE from Hope For South Sudan!

 Join us TUES MAY 3rd for the FIRST EVER LIVE from Hope for South Sudan interactive Proper Chat! We’ll have both staff and children on the line as we highlight stories and answer your questions about their lives at Hope for South Sudan. Here are the details! Register today at: https://makewaypartners.webex.com/makewaypartners/onstage/g.php?MTID=ef274ede7a3f769ce895f37dc2c94b173 Title: LIVE from Hope for South Sudan! Description: A live and…

Replay Proper Chat Human Trafficking 101: A Global Perspective

Recently, human trafficking expert and MWP board of director member,  Rev. Dr. Lauran Bethell, led Tuesday’s Proper Chat.  She shared her personal story of discovering human trafficking for the first time while serving in Thailand and how it launched a global journey forever changing the course of her life. In Human Trafficking 101: A Global Perspective, Lauran shared…

CBN Covers Make Way Partners

CBN recently covered the work of Make Way Partners in a three-part interview.  Please view them here and keep sharing the story! Let’s take full advantage of these media outlets helping us to raise the level of awareness about the rape camps in South Sudan—and especially what we can do to stop the violence and heal the women and…

Proper Chat: Food, Fun & Life — Your Sponsored Child!

Back by popular demand, sign-up now for our next Proper Chat Tuesday, April 26 with our MWP Child Sponsorship Team. This promises to be a lively time of personal story-telling as well as provide the perfect platform for you to ask specific questions about life in each of our three unique orphanages, Our Father’s Cleft, New Life Ministry,…

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