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Our Call to the Wild

I’ve been camping out in the wild of South Dakota, learning more about PTSD and deep spiritual healing from my spiritual director, 82-year-old Brave Heart. Even as I’m learning and healing myself, I’m already excited about how Make Way Partners will apply this healing to our traumatized staff and orphans through our up and coming…

Monday’s Child

Romano rang me early in the morning from the border of South Sudan, drawing close against Uganda where he was to meet supply trucks to help them clear the border without exorbitant taxes and trouble. “Kimberly, I know you are waiting for word from our drivers and trucks, but first I must tell you what I…

I Am Every Woman

Given all the trauma I’ve experienced in my many travels to Africa, an inquisitive reporter once asked me, “Why do you keep going back?” It’s a good question, especially as the stakes continue to rise with each passing year—both on the war front and in my personal life. To me, the answer is not so…

Francis is Home!

From Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to Kimberly L Smith Eugenio, our African Field Coordinator, emailed today to report that last night Francis and the drivers rolled into Nairobi – safe, home, and now reunited with their families! Travel has never been easy for these caravans of Hope for the orphans in our anti-trafficking network.  Surely, it…

2015 Special Edition: Nuba

My recent time in Nuba Mountains, Sudan was more eye opening and touching than even my early days in Darfur in the height of that conflict. There is so much to be told, shared, and done that Make Way Partners dedicated our entire Spring newsletter, 2015 Special Edition: Nuba. It includes personal stories and life as I…

Francis & Orphan-Supply Trucks Update

From Guest Blogger Audrey Moore, Executive Assistant to Kimberly L Smith   After nearly a month long arduous journey over one thousand roadless miles across the desert and into the mountains, Francis and the orphan supply trucks for Our Father’s Cleft have arrived!!  Thank you for your prayers for surely they have encouraged them at every turn and…

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