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The Power of T-Force

People are constantly asking me, “But what can I do?” The good news is, there is a solution. “Join the SOLUTION that’s WORKING!” South Sudan boasts the world’s #1 mortality rate for young girls dying in childbirth. Through FOOD, EDUCATION, HOUSING, & MEDICAL CARE Make Way Partners is the world’s #1Transformation Force changing that. For as little as $1.50…

A Volunteer’s Experience at Hope for South Sudan

By guest blogger Scott Highland, MWP Volunteer As I lay on my cot in the midday heat, I sobbed. These were not tears of pain, sorrow or grief, but tears of joy. I was hearing the chatter and laughter of nearly 200 children as they played. They had a safe place to play, they had…

Proper Chat: Updates from South Sudan!

I’ve just returned from South Sudan, and have updates for you on our plan for the Hepatitis B outbreak at Hope for South Sudan and other exciting news from our Faith, Hope, and Love medical mission.   Join me TUES MAY 17th for the next MWP live and interactive Proper Chat as I share stories and engage your questions about my visit…

Our Secret Weapon

You play a major role in saving lives every time you tell the story of Make Way Partners.  Because you are our most important secret weapon for getting the word out, we are able to keep your donations going straight to the source—women and children at the highest risk of human trafficking and other forms…

12 Year Old Nuba Girl Stoned

I returned from South Sudan about midnight last night. Each Wednesday each of the Make Way Partners indigenous directors calls me to give their weekly reports and for general planning. Knowing I would be moving slowly this morning, Ayoub from Our Father’s Cleft in Nuba wrote me an email instead of calling. Here is the email I…

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