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A 13 Year Old with a Story to Be Told

When I first began writing Passport through Darkness I remember listening to a publisher discourse on how he might market such a book. He said, “Certainly, we couldn’t class it as a memoir because you’re too young to write a marketable memoir.” My Appalachian father would have vehemently argued that case with him, as most of…

Filling Dangerous Holes with Love

St John of the Cross wrote, “Love is the measure by which we will be judged; where there is no love, PUT love.” Recently, as I lay in ICU riddled with pain and a difficult medical choice to make, the thought ran through my mind, “This is not a good day.” I willed myself to…

Working for Change

Thank you 280Living for the interview just released this week.  Please share the link with your network so that more can learn the story and join us on the journey! And thank you for your many prayers and for your love and support during this time of injury.  Earlier this week I was released from the hospital…

Special Report from MWP Vice Chair

As vice chair of Make Way Partners board of directors for over 10 years it has been quite a journey of loss and redemption, brokenness and healing, sadness and joy.  I’m writing today to let you know of another twist in the adventure we are on together.  On Wednesday night MWP President, Kimberly Smith Highland, was…

Brutal Silence

Margaret Dardess is an ordinary woman of routine American lifestyle. At least until she attended a conference at the University of North Carolina where she learned something she could never un-know—even in her sleep. She met another “ordinary” American young woman who had suffered something she also could never undo. She had fallen prey to human…


A few months ago I was invited to speak at the STEER Missions conference, an organization that mobilizes farmers and ranchers to do what they do best in order to help missions organizations.  Since my time with that community STEER has offered Make Way Partners the high honor of being added to their approved ministries list so…

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