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Children Forced to Murder Civilians… Thousands Killed in South Sudan

As our small team gears up to return to South Sudan in June and July, we are closely monitoring the raging war. This BBC article tracks with the report I sent you on Monday, regarding the South Sudanese government abducting their own children and forcing them into various types of slavery. The BBC article includes…

More Children Killed and Taken by Slave Raiders in Sudan

In February ten of us crammed ourselves into a Land Cruiser to climb our way over rocks and ruts to make the long journey from the last stop in Southern Sudan—the Yida Refugee camp—to Our Father’s Cleft orphanage, high in the Nuba Mountains of [North] Sudan. There are at least twenty security check points along…

proper chat

Proper Chat

 Proper Chat on Understanding the Big Picture of [North] Sudan and South Sudan In Sudan, when there’s been some sort of misunderstanding or the air just has to be cleared, they say it’s time to have a Proper Chat. I’ve long wished the media would have a Proper Chat— educating the world—about the complex crisis…

Moody Radio Interview with Kimberly

No matter how well a guest knows her material, an interview can only be as good as the interviewer—and Judy Kron and Dr. John Fuder did an excellent job! They asked all the right questions, and allowed me plenty of time to address human trafficking, the Nuba Mountains, complexities of [North] and South Sudan, the unadoptable…

Listen LIVE @ 10:05 CST!

This morning at 10:05am CST, listen live as I share on Moody Radio using thier live streaming link:  http://www.moodyradio.org/radioplayer.aspx?station=wmbi If you’ve ever wondered about Make Way Partners ministry in Sudan and even asked similar questions to: -  There are a lot of problems in the world; what makes the Nuba Mountains of Sudan so special…

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