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See Jane

See Jane. See Jane empowered. See Jane empower women. See Jane make a Sea of Janes, empowering more Janes. See Jane and her friends transform Africa. After thirteen years of riding the waves of war in Sudan and South Sudan—where both governments continue to sanction rape as a weapon of war—I’m  knocked overboard by the…

Update on Hepatitis B Epidemic!

Thank you for your many calls of prayers and concern for our staff and children struck with Hepatitis B at Hope for South Sudan. We have made steady progress in addressing the outbreak.  Hepatitis B vaccinations must be administered in three separate rounds, each one month apart. Praise God! We are currently administrating the 2nd round for…

Letters for a Red, White, and Blue Moderate

My husband and I recently took Jane and Eugenio Kirima to the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. Being from Kenya, they’d only heard filtered tales of Martin Luther King, Jr and the American Civil Rights Movement. The furtive details sent shock waves rippling across their faces. Tears stung their eyes as they disbelievingly blinked at “colored” and “white”…

For the Father Who Has Everything

If you have a man in your life who you really want to honor on Father’s Day, but just can’t find a gift that really shouts, “What a great man!” we have your answer. Let him know he has much to pass onto children who have no father. His wisdom and kindness through prayers and…

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Join me TODAY MAY 31st for the next MWP live and interactive Proper Chat as I share stories and engage your questions about the power of the T-Force and how you can be an agent of Transformation in the world today! Here are the details! Register today at: https://makewaypartners.webex.com/makewaypartners/onstage/g.php?MTID=effc5f845d9e25ae23de1471095e0d74c Title: The Power of T-Force Host:Kimberly L Smith Date: Tues, May 31, 2016 Time: 11:30am CST  …

The Power of T-Force

People are constantly asking me, “But what can I do?” The good news is, there is a solution. “Join the SOLUTION that’s WORKING!” South Sudan boasts the world’s #1 mortality rate for young girls dying in childbirth. Through FOOD, EDUCATION, HOUSING, & MEDICAL CARE Make Way Partners is the world’s #1Transformation Force changing that. For as little as $1.50…

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