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The Creative Will of Life, Sin, and God

Today, we small band of brothers take our next deeper steps into the warzone. I’ve wrestled with God and myself for days and nights as I suffered a minor fracture in my collar bone and other injuries from an accident my first night in Africa. A deeply supportive husband, faithful friends, staff, board and many…

Good TV Full Interview Now Available!

I am the first to admit, my unique call is a full of wild oats, most that I’m not even sure I’d feed my ponies.  This beautifully done interview covers just about all of it from personal to marital to missional failure; and still there is GOD. The full interview from Good TV is now…

Back to the Future

On Saturday morning I head back in time to a still-ancient world to gain glimpses of the future; these Hearts of Courage are the Why. I will lead a small band of international brothers and sisters on month-long journey who want to meet the Why and find their role in the What to do for…

Good TV

During my month long book and speaking tour in Taiwan last September, I had many tremendous and lifegiving opportunities to share the story of our children in Sudan & South Sudan.  When I first learned of the book tour from my publisher of the Chinese version of Passport through Darkness I was intrigued but skeptical that there would be…

10 Ways to Participate in Setting Captives Free

On this eve of a new year, the dawning of Something New, I wonder what resolutions we’ll be making. Will our commitments be solely for our self-improvement or might we consider how we could be of service to make our world a better place? How can we live actually LIVE that life that matters this 2017? As…

Behold! the Leopard

Deep into the quarter-mooned night sweat dripped from our bodies like a leaking faucet nagging at you to call the plumber first thing in the morning. Hyenas yammered in the distance, digging a hollow sense of suffering in the marrow of our hearts as the faces of the orphans outside the safety of our gates flashed…

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