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Special Report from MWP Vice Chair

As vice chair of Make Way Partners board of directors for over 10 years it has been quite a journey of loss and redemption, brokenness and healing, sadness and joy.  I’m writing today to let you know of another twist in the adventure we are on together.  On Wednesday night MWP President, Kimberly Smith Highland, was…

Brutal Silence

Margaret Dardess is an ordinary woman of routine American lifestyle. At least until she attended a conference at the University of North Carolina where she learned something she could never un-know—even in her sleep. She met another “ordinary” American young woman who had suffered something she also could never undo. She had fallen prey to human…


A few months ago I was invited to speak at the STEER Missions conference, an organization that mobilizes farmers and ranchers to do what they do best in order to help missions organizations.  Since my time with that community STEER has offered Make Way Partners the high honor of being added to their approved ministries list so…

Hope in the War?

“Yes. We are all fine; the mortal shelling and RPGs are horrible but none of us have been injured thus far. The main fighting over the weekend happened some five kilometers out from Hope for South Sudan. Our children are trembling in their classrooms but we are offering prayers of thanksgiving that none of them…

Waiting for Hope

I first met Teresa Uma Daniel eight years ago, as I whacked my way through the wild bush of Eastern Equatoria. We heaved our machetes against the thorny mess towering taller than our heads with all the force we could muster in the 130 degree heat, in hope of marking off the land the government…

Hear Kimberly Smith Highland on Faith Radio!

Thanks to Bob Crittenden of Faith Radio for another great interview, covering the current political situations in Sudan and South Sudan and the miracle of Make Way Partners’ progress in the midst of the storm, including our recent graduation ceremony! Click here to listen to the interview. Love, your sister along the journey,

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