Anti-Trafficking Network

Make Way Partners in [North] and South Sudan

Since 2005, Make Way Partners has been building the only Christ-centered, indigenously-directed orphan care network in the warzones and lawless lands of the Republic of the Sudan and the Republic of South Sudan, Africa.

When Britain withdrew from Sudan in 1956, both [North] and South Sudan suffered Christian persecution, modern-day slavery and genocide at the hands of a brutal, invading and radical Islamic regime. The “perfect storm” of genocide, corruption, and poverty has resulted in Sudan holding one of the highest per capita rates for human trafficking in the world while South Sudan ranks as one of the poorest nations in the world. Women and children are the most vulnerable with orphans being the primary target of slave raiders.

Through our Anti-Trafficking Network, the primary mission of Make Way Partners is to protect unadoptable orphans through Christ-centered orphan homes, schools, medical network and other necessary infrastructures. Through partnerships we participate in the building of long term, indigenous discipleship and relief ministries providing opportunities for hope and healing.


Learn more about our Anti-Trafficking Network in [North] and South Sudan:

New Life Ministry :: Border of Darfur

Since 2005, MWP has been providing complete care for the unadoptable orphans of Darfur and South Sudan at New Life Ministry (NLM) on the border of Darfur.

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Hope For South Sudan :: Border of Uganda

Since 2009, MWP has been providing complete care for the unadoptable orphans of South Sudan at Hope For South Sudan (HFS) near the South Sudan and Ugandan border.

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Our Father’s Cleft :: Nuba Mountains

A few of the girls protected at OFC and the difference child sponsorship makes in their livesSince 2010, MWP has been rescuing and caring for the unadoptable orphans in the Nuba Mountains of [North] Sudan at Our Father’s Cleft (OFC).

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Faith, Hope, and Love :: Medical Ministry

Since our birth, holistic medical care has been an integral aspect of the MWP mission. The Faith, Hope, and Love medical network (FHL) administers healthcare to all of the children at each orphanage as well as to the oppressed within those surrounding communities.

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