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Now What, Again

“A short summation of Genesis could be, “Everything was good, beautiful, in fact; then it wasn’t. The rest of the Story is mankind trying to figure out how to live with the hole he ripped in the universe.” Don’t you and I stumble upon that Epic Story in some small-stage of our lives nearly each…

In the News: Make Way Partners Orphans

I receive daily calls and emails from so many of you from around the world who cry with me for the man-made catastrophic storm of South Sudan. The entire staff—and the thousands of women and children we serve—hold onto Hope, which comes through the spirit of your prayers and financial support to keep the work…

Children of the Caves

Many years ago, I sat crying in a thicket of lush green grass in the depths of a cavernous valley staring up at the daunting height of the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. I cried because I had prepared myself for every sort of depravity, but instead what I seemed to have fallen into was sheer beauty. Beauty…

Independence Day Food…for the Soul

As we consider Independence Day, is it possible to move our minds beyond ourselves and our personal right to life and liberty, and a few steps closer toward “justice for all”? In true Kingdom Independence—where there are no captives—“we” is not so different from “them”, as if those are even helpful pronouns toward independence, unity,…

Eugenio and Boys Safe in Kenya!

Thank you for your prayers for the orphans and staff at Hope For South Sudan.  We just received word that MWP Sr. Field Coordinator Eugenio Kirima, Moses, and Lokolong made it safely to Nairobi! Please keep praying for Hope for South Sudan as the violence continues around them and for peace throughout South Sudan as the war…

EASY ACTION YOU can take in response to MURDER in South Sudan NOW

If you’ve read my blog on the fighting which has sealed off our orphans at the Make Way Partners orphanage Hope for South Sudan, and find yourself thinking, “There’s got to be something I can do!” here it is: Take 30 seconds to sign this petition: https://enoughproject.org/get-involved/take-action/south-sudan-government-made-famine For more information about how the government of South…

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