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Discover the Life You Were Meant to Live in Canada!

I’d love to meet you in beautiful Kenora, Ontario this Thursday night, August 17th, at the Whitecap Pavilion at Kenora Harbourfront. We’ll discuss what it means to discover and live the life you were designed to live and explore our personal connection with some of the most vulnerable women, children, and elderly in Sudan and South Sudan.  If…

13-Year-Old Child Mother

Faiza is a 13-year-old child; today she became a mother. There are some statements which simply do not belong in the same sentence, or life; “Faiza is a 13-year-old child; today she became a mother.” is a perfect example of two truths which do not belong together. Last December a soldier in Nuba Mountains, Sudan…

New Partnership with MWP & VOM Canada!

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) forever changed my life. My family and I had read the Jesus Freaks books the ministry published along with dc Talk; they raised our level of consciousness, and then it hurt to look at our comfortable churchy lives, compared to those modern-day believers who lived “Outside the Camp.” (The book of…

Looking UP at Hope for South Sudan!

After many months of heavy artillery and armed combat terrorizing our orphans from all sides, we are elated to receive the following report from a major news source in South Sudan: Radio Miraya “Signs of normalcy have started showing up at the Hope for South Sudan Orphanage center in Torit which remained under tension for weeks, after…


Make Way Partners is more than an organization name; it is a clarion call to each of us.  First inspired from the story of Joseph in Genesis, as Pharaoh adopts him, calling for everyone to, “Make Way” for his new son. We see this same theme repeated many times throughout the biblical narrative, including John…

Now What, Again

“A short summation of Genesis could be, “Everything was good, beautiful, in fact; then it wasn’t. The rest of the Story is mankind trying to figure out how to live with the hole he ripped in the universe.” Don’t you and I stumble upon that Epic Story in some small-stage of our lives nearly each…

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