Free eCopy of Passport through Darkness!

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We are literally jumping for joy!  Our fantastic publisher David C. Cook is spreading the joy at the beginning of the holiday season by offering a FREE eCopy of Passport through Darkness TODAY through Sunday.  So, if you already have a hard copy, enjoy a FREE e-copy — for your Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, computer, or other electronic platforms!   For a fun preview, check out the Passport through Darkness book trailer and share with others: click here.

God has already used Passport through Darkness to save many unadoptable orphans by bringing in well over $2,000,000. Let’s keep sharing the story!  Download your eCopy today:

And, what a great way to give someone on your Christmas list a FREE gift! The main point is to help us spread the word… more partners = more saved orphans!



1. Forward this email to everyone you know! Share it on Facebook and follow me on Twitter @lifethatmatters so you can retweet the FREE link.

2. Go to my author facebook page to “like” and “share” the link today! (Activity on facebook draws international attention, and many new partners find us through “like” activity.)

3. Go to Amazon to “like” and purchase Passport through Darkness today through Sunday!

4. If you’ve already read it, write a review on Amazon now!


Keep spreading the word… you’re saving the lives of thousands of unadoptable orphans!


Love, your sister along the journey,


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  1. Rosa Posted on November 18, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Thank you for this book..I couldnt put it down.I have been to Ghana and Uganda, on medical mission trips,and Africa has a peice of my heart. I would go live there in a heartbeat, and am praying if it is meant to be, God will have to also speak to my husband about it!! I love how you made it clear in the book, and this is what I have sensed by going to Africa, the OVERWHELMING needs…where do you start, and does it even make a difference…there is never enough to go around. But it can make a world of difference for the one. It is in being there and sharing their pain and offering Gods hope and friendship in the suffering. I know it would not be an easy life, and I know its not about fixing anything, or bringing our American methods to change things. I have no idea why I am drawn there, but I have a world map on my wall, and sometimes I just stand there and greive, because I feel the suffering. Your story is amazing. I wish I could be so brave,and just go…

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