Border of Uganda member Hope For South Sudan (HFSS), since 2009

Hope For South Sudan (HFSS) is located near the South Sudan and Ugandan border.

In 2009, Make Way Partners came alongside Hope For South Sudan making it the second link in MWP’s orphan-care network in Sudan. In a few short years Pastor Romano Oguma Nero, the indigenous director of HFSS, has converted 400 acres of uninhabitable bush into a thriving and secure home for orphans. HFSS is home to over 200 unadoptable orphans (and increasing) who receive total care – housing, quality education, medical care, food and discipleship.

Among the children at HFSS, seven different tribes are represented. Traditionally the different tribes throughout Sudan are often at war with one another. We have seen Christ do amazing work as He brings forgiveness and healing to children culturally expected to be sworn enemies but who grow to be friends, brothers and sisters.

HFSS is located outside the town of Torit, the capital city of Eastern Equatoria State, South Sudan. During the most recent war Torit experienced brutal fighting and was used as a stronghold for the North Sudanese Army. For years after that twenty-one-year war, Torit and the areas surrounding continued to be tormented by the horrific operations of Joseph Kony’s Khartoum-funded Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). While LRA operations have diminished recently, the area remains vulnerable to the LRA, other militia groups, cattle raiders and tribal slave raiders who rape, mutilate and enslave the children of South Sudan.