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30 million victims of human trafficking – there are more slaves today than at any other time in human history
1/2 of all slaves are children under the age of 18
80% are female
65% are forced into sexual slavery
Orphans are the most vulnerable people group in our world to modern-day slavery, starvation, disease, and all forms of oppression


Make Way Partners…

goes to the most vulnerable & least protected to end human trafficking and all forms of modern-day oppression.

Our unique focus is the prevention of human trafficking from the countries of origin while educating and mobilizing the Body of Christ in the countries of destination and transit.


There are four primary areas of modern-day slavery into which children and adults are trafficked or sold:


red light peru altPrimarily young women and children are sold into pornography and prostitution. Sexual slavery is the number one form of human trafficking in our world today.


pictures of warYoung boys and girls are forced into military camps where they are trained to fight as rebels. They are often beaten, raped and malnourished as a means of training children to be young killing machines.


ATT00108There are agricultural and manufacturing forced manual labor camps where men, women and children are forced to serve long hours in poor conditions with little to no wages.


SI ExifThere is mafia-organized begging where women, men and children are forced into begging on the streets retaining none of what they collect. They are often forced to live in sewers, cellars or dark gutted apartments where many of them are crowded into a small room under lock and key with little to eat.



Make Way Partners divides the work against human trafficking into two basic categories:


These are countries from which the victims are taken. They are usually economically unstable and often operating under the oppression of corrupt or indifferent governments. Eastern Europe and Africa are the fastest growing regions for exporting victims into slavery.


These are countries into which the victims are sold into slavery. These countries are usually much more economically stable in order to support the trafficking or they have a high level of sex tourism. Currently, the United States is the largest recipient of victims of human trafficking. Most of the victims brought into the U.S. are sold into the sex slave trade or smuggled in for forced manual labor.



Make Way Partners looks to no other power than the hope of the Gospel. This hope is shared by Christians like you willing to be the incarnational presence of Christ in the world through prayer and financial support.


Make Way Partners… going to the most vulnerable & least protected to end human trafficking.

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