puzzle-3You have heard about the horrors of human trafficking and modern day oppression. You know what Make Way Partners is doing to combat this darkness.

Now you ask, “What can I do? What is my piece of this puzzle? Where do I fit?” These are great questions. But better yet,

“What do you do? For a living? For fun? With your family? With your friends?”

Have you stopped to consider that God may not be calling you to do something crazy or unknown to you? He might be calling you to use what gifts, talents, and interests He has ALREADY GIVEN you to make an impact in the Kingdom and fight for the ‘least of these’.

So, you are training for a half-marathon. You are a musician. You enjoy sending cards and letters to people. You love making lemonade.  You are a medical professional. You love to paint. You and your friends meet every week for dinner. How can you use the things you already do and love to raise awareness of human trafficking and support the work of Make Way Partners?

Part of the glorious work of God is that He calls us not only to stand in the gap for the most vulnerable and least protected, but that He calls us to stand in the gap as ourselves.

He has already blessed you with an arsenal of weapons to use against the darkness. Our role at Make Way Partners is not only to provide resources and ideas to help you spread the word about human trafficking and our work to combat oppression; it is to see YOU come fully alive, using the gifts, talents and passions God has already placed in you to make an impact. Your life matters.

Join the battle & find your piece in the puzzle of God’s great redemption!