Border of Darfur member New Life Ministry (NLM), since 2005

New Life Ministry (NLM) is located in South Sudan along the Darfur border.

The brutal persecution, slavery and genocide enacted against the indigenous people of Sudan by the invading Islamic regime of North Sudan has created an estimated two million orphans. Sudanese orphans have no form of child services or housing, are left to fend for themselves alone in the desert, and are most vulnerable to disease, starvation, abuse and slavery. This region along the border of Darfur in particular was the hardest hit during the five decades of war between the north and the south. Today this disputed borderland receives a continual flow of returning slaves and refugees from Darfur and North Sudan. New Life Ministry, is strategically located in Nyamlel providing care for widows and unadoptable orphans at highest risk of genocide, persecution and slavery.

NLM provides total care for 750 unadoptable orphans on 100 acres with facilities that include three orphan homes, a church, medical clinic, primary school and the first free high school for orphans in the entire region. Under the indigenous leadership of James Lual Atak we protect hundreds of orphans from slave raiders by providing complete care including: education, medical care, food, clothing, discipleship, 24-hour armed guard security and a loving home.

This orphanage is also unique in that we receive orphans from both sides of a decades-long war. Darfur Muslim orphans and Southern Sudan Christian/Animist orphans learn about the love of Christ side-by-side and begin a long journey of healing, forgiveness and restoration.

Our women’s ministry also receives, disciples, trains and employs widows and former sex slaves who escaped from their Muslim captors in the North, as well as women at greatest risk of slavery and abuse.