Nuba Mountains member Our Father’s Cleft (OFC), since 2010

Our Father’s Cleft (OFC) is located in the Nuba Mountains of North Sudan.

OFC is the newest link in the Make Way Partners orphan-care network. Our partner “Joseph” currently cares for 400 unadoptable orphans in one of the most isolated and war-ravaged places on earth.

A few of the girls protected at OFC and the difference child sponsorship makes in their livesApproximately 100 tribes, collectively known as the Nuba peoples, call the region home. In contrast to the surrounding flat and arid lands, the Nuba Mountains are fertile for farming and also provide protection during wartime.

In June 2011, the Government of Sudan in Khartoum unleashed an onslaught of genocidal attacks against the Nuba region and has daily bombarded the Nuba peoples since. Due to the relentless bombing, the Nuba people have been unable to plant farms and all conditions for widespread famine are in place. The people have been bombed, raped, murdered and starved by their own government. The Khartoum regime has blocked all international aid from reaching the Nuba Mountains and this region has recently been labeled “The New Darfur” due to the mass atrocities being committed and the relative inattention from the world.

As always, orphans are the most vulnerable to slavery, forced marriage, military conscription, disease and starvation.

I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with My hand” – Exodus 33:22

Unadoptable orphans from Christian, Muslim and Animist backgrounds find a safe place to belong at OFC. The Gospel is tenderly shared with them and lived before their eyes. We currently provide education, discipleship, food and medical care to our children at OFC. We need your help to build safe and loving homes for these little ones.