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A few months ago I was invited to speak at the STEER Missions conference, an organization that mobilizes farmers and ranchers to do what they do best in order to help missions organizations.  Since my time with that community STEER has offered Make Way Partners the high honor of being added to their approved ministries list so that you and future partners can contribute through raising livestock or growing crops for mission.  But we need your help.  In order to be added to the list we must recruit a minimum of 5 ranchers or farmers who would be willing to donate labor, feed, and care through the ranching of livestock or farming of crop on their land.  We are already on our way, but still require more commitments.

–If you would like to help us get signed up to STEER’s approved ministries list by raising livestock and/or growing crops to support Make Way Partners please contact me today!

–If you already donate to Make Way Partners in another way but are willing to serve as a networker to help find others who want to participate with us please contact me today!

Click here to see our top four priorities for 2017 and here to stay connected to both the progress and the challenges we face ministering to the world’s most vulnerable orphans.

I am excited to see what God will do through this partnership with STEER and you!

Love your sister along the journey,

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  1. Vivian Goh Posted on April 1, 2017 at 10:18 am

    Hi, I would like to help in raising livestock and or growing crops project. Please let me know more and how I could help. Shalom

    • Kimberly Smith Highland (Author) Posted on April 3, 2017 at 7:37 am

      Dear Vivian,
      Thank you so much for your interest! We’ll be in touch today.

      With appreciation,
      Audrey Moore
      Executive Assistant to Kimberly Smith Highland

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